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The Urology Clinic, as part of the University of Patras, contributes in every possible way to the transmission of knowledge and to the essential education and retraining of medical students, specialists and specialized doctors. As our Clinic is world-renowned for its research and educational activities, the volume of applications we receive each year from Greek and foreign trainees is huge. To apply for participation in any educational program of the Clinic, consultation with the secretariat is required.

Our Clinic contributes to the education of students with the courses of Urology and Andrology. As it is a surgical specialty, we give all students the opportunity to monitor the surgeries we perform (laparoscopic – open – endoscopic operations).

In the selection of students, the students who have registered the course of Urology or Andrology precede. A statement of follow-up of the surgeries is made at the Secretariat of the Urology Clinic.


The academic year 2018-2019 the Laparoscopic Surgery Simulation Workshop was an innovation of our clinic.

In collaboration with the Patras Branch of EEFIE we have created a room dedicated to the practice of Laparoscopic Surgery, a method which is present and will certainly be part of the future in surgery. A project that does not exist on a similar scale in any other medical school in the country.

Thus, 6 complete workstations enable a very large number of participants to come in contact with clinical skills that will be needed later in their course. Our students, completing their academic course, will have practiced the techniques of Laparoscopic Surgery.

The Laparoscopic Surgery Simulation Room is located on the 1st floor of Building D of the Clinical Operations of the Department of Medicine of the University of Patras.

Application for participation in the workshop at the Secretariat of the Urology Clinic.

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